International rules for selling horses

When a horse is sold abroad and the foreign owner wants the horse in the foreign register studbook of the fjord horses, a health certificate is not enough. Most studbooks of fjord horses, require a statement regarding or the offspring and breeding info of the horse before they can accept the registration. This is an agreement between the fjord horses studbooks. The data info should be exchanged between the studbooks themselves. If a fjord horse who is enrolled in the foal book, main book, or licensed book for stallions is sold abroad, the Dutch owner of the horse would be required to inspect by an inspector of the Fjord Horse pedigree. The owner can do to make an appointment with the inspector in the region. The inspector checks the identity and passport of the horse and the horse drawing the sketch, if necessary, with markings in the passport. In addition, by means of a stamp made a deregistration from the Dutch pedigree, so they can be registered abroad. Furthermore, the export completed form indicating the details of foreign ownership and foreign pedigree, where the new owner wants a horse registered. The studbook office is on the pedigree of the horse's name written on the new foreign owner. Then is this horse in the Dutch database of your name removed. The studbook office also provides to send details of exports. The details contained in exports and possibly other data lineage, performance test data. Proposal for an international breeding certification which equal than the corresponding studbook is sent to the new owner with all the details of the stallion, like a pedigree. This because of a foal immediately after birth can have a complete horse passport which can be issued by the foreign pedigree. 
For those foals under 6 months are not yet equipped with a chip and passport details are only provided if the export of export control occurs when the foal is at the foot of the mother is. The inspector checks the specified origin of the baby through the reading and comparing transponder number of the mother. Evt. can have a DNA test carried out a € 46,-. The export control by the inspector of the fjord pedigree is:€ 20, - plus travel expenses. Confirming foreign ownership in horse passport € 75, - per horse. 
To import a horse from abroad into the Dutch studbook, we apply the same rules. The horse is first in the country to be organized so that it can be written in the Netherlands. Then there should be facilitated by the above method
This is what a stallion should have if it is travelling around the world.
Export-certificaat for Stallions to other countries must have:
Horse-passport with a note from authorities for exporting the horse.
Certificate notes of stallion show (max. license for 2 years)
Certificate DNA-test from certified laboratory.
Veterinarian-report as written in the FHI-handbook.
Certificate performance test with positive result
Export-certificate for Mares and Geldings
Horse-passport with a note from authorities for exporting the horse
Certificate DNA-test from certified laboratory.